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Advertising in whatever form is never cheap; which is precisely why the birth of article marketing caused quite a stir. Article marketing CAN be free and very effective.

By definition, article marketing is advertising or selling through the use of articles submitted to article banks or directories, ezines, blog sites, or any other websites. The articles can be freely used by other web publishers provided they publish it unchanged with the author’s information and credentials intact, usually at the end of the article.

Another great thing about article marketing is that the articles you submitted are reusable and you are free to submit these to as many article banks as you like. You can even compile these articles into an ebook to make extra cash!

With the cost of online advertising, article marketing is a welcome reprieve especially for those who are just starting out their online business. Article marketing lets new and struggling online businessmen free up some cash for other investments.

But how do you get your article marketing plans to fly in the first place? Where do you get your articles? Well, if you have all the time and the expertise to do it, the cheapest way would always be to write the articles yourself. If you do this, you can say that article marketing really comes with total zero cost.

If you want your articles professionally done though, content writers are widely available although their fees while reasonable most of the time, can easily add up as they often charge by the hour, by length of article, or by the number of pages.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to begin your article marketing schemes would be to buy PLR articles. Unlike hiring a content writer to do the job, private label articles are a lot cheaper with most articles costing less than a dollar.

The thing with PLR articles is you need to have them rewritten or customized. Otherwise, you’ll end up being penalized by search engines for content duplication and your article will be omitted from the search index or be given a low search ranking.

Many online businesses offer rewriting services for PLR articles. Though buying and rewriting PLR articles mean spending money, this avenue still a lot cheaper compared to hiring content writers.

Buying and rewriting PLR content to use in article marketing is a practical compromise where you get to save both time and money.

The Perks of Article Marketing

  • You get to establish yourself as an expert in your field. That is, article marketing lets your readers see you as a guru who really knows how your business works because you know what you’re talking about.
  • Article marketing builds trust and credibility. As people get to read your name as the author of many useful articles, you eventually gain their trust. Your readers will look at you as a more credible source of information than any other unfamiliar name or face.
  • It’s fast and easy and cheap. Especially if you go for PLR articles, article marketing is an excellent way to reach your audience for a fraction of the normal advertising cost and within the shortest period of time.

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  • Comment by AndrewBoldman

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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