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Put simply, PLR articles, short for Private Label Rights, are readily available web content you can buy with limited rights or license to let you rewrite, edit, and publish the article as your own. PLR articles even let you put in your own name as the author of the article.

While you technically buy the right to publish the article, the right to do so is not exclusive to you but becomes available to anyone who purchases the articles. Thus, rewriting the articles is necessary to avoid being filtered and penalized by content duplication policies of most search engines.

Also, many PLR articles tend to dwell in the generic fields and require you to stick in some product specific and location keywords to enhance your web search engine ranking.

Getting Your Fill of PLR Articles

With the statistics of available Private Label articles out there, you shouldn’t worry about running out of PLR contents to use. PLR articles are often sold by bulk or by membership which makes them really cheap compared to hiring a content writer to do the job.

Depending on the quality and length of the article, content writers charge around $25 a piece. While this remains a popular choice particularly for those who prefer custom-made articles for their sites, many companies are trying to cut cost by opting for PLR articles that cost less than a dollar each.

For 15 to 20 cents per article, you can afford to choose from several readily available PLR articles that tackle different aspects of the topic you want to feature. These PLR articles are given some tweaking and rewriting before published online as unique pieces to ensure that you pass the duplicate content filters.

There are different ways of getting your hand on PLR articles. Many websites sell PLR articles by the hundreds and even thousands for as low as 30 bucks. These are great for those who are unsure whether PLR articles can work for them.

Some PLR websites, on the other hand, offer membership to a limited number and let you access the site for a fixed monthly rate. Membership sites contain numerous PLR articles with a wide variety of topics you can choose from. Before you take your pick of your PLR membership site though, you might want to scout around not just for the best rates but for the most recommended sites by other bloggers.

PLR Articles and Its Many Uses

PLR articles are major time savers. In the worldwide web where everybody’s in a rush to get to the next link, you can’t always afford to wait a decade for a decent article to be written and PLR articles present an instant solution to fill up that 50-page content site.

Article Advertising. PLR articles are one of the best and most cost-effective ways of increasing traffic to your website. PLR articles do not come with outbound links and other distractions to your readers. The only links they contain are those that go directly to your site.

Be a notch higher in search engine ranking. PLR articles give you the freedom to seed the content with your own keywords to target your niche market during web searches.

Branding. Since you’re allowed to use a by-line for the PLR articles, your readers are familiarized with your name as the author who provides them with useful information. Getting a direct link to your site and seeing your name again makes them favourably exposed to you as an information provider.

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