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Laser Eye Surgery Prices


The laser eye surgery price varies widely upon a variety of factors. The location of the office where the procedure is performed is an important factor. The experience of the doctor that performs it is another one. The laser eye surgery price also varies upon the type of procedure that is being used.




Laser eye surgery prices can depend a lot on the location of the eye care center where the surgery is being performed. As with all products and services, this variation has a lot to do with the idea of supply and demand. In a city where there are many eye clinics which can provide laser eye surgery, the prices may be lower for competitive reasons. If there are only a few clinics in the area, they can charge more, taking advantage of the fact that people are willing to pay a lot for receiving the treatment.


Doctor's Experience


The experience of the surgeon who will be performing the procedure is also an important factor in determining laser eye surgery prices. A doctor still in the learning phase, even if high skilled, will usually charge less than a very experienced one. Many patients are willing to pay more to be treated by an experience physician who they can trust. Most people believe that quality is more important than price in this type of surgery.


Type of Procedure


Laser surgery prices depend most on the type of surgical procedure that the patient needs. Many patients with different eye conditions may need more specialized and therefore more expensive procedures. The average price for a basic LASIK procedure ranges between $1500 and $2000. Custom LASIK surgery usually costs much more. Generally, doctors charge additional an additional fee of $500 or more for a customized procedure. If the surgeon uses a 3-D map of the eye to observe all irregularities, the price can increase with about $1000, getting to a total cost of $2500 - $3000. Most insurance companies do not cover these procedures, so you should check with yours before choosing a certain type of laser eye surgery.


There are many eye care centers that advertise their services at bargain prices. However, you should remember that the average laser eye surgery price is around $1500 and therefore look for hidden costs when certain procedures seem incredibly cheap. Although quality is more important than price, you should remember that high price doesn't always equate high quality. A thorough research of all the factors involved will improve your chances of getting a successful treatment.


What Determines Laser Eye Surgery Price?


Laser eye surgery price is dependent on many factors. One of them is location. Based on a Review of Ophthalmology survey conducted in 2003, the highest laser eye surgery rates in America are found in the South, followed very closely by the Northeast.


On the other hand, eye centers and clinics in the Midwest experienced the highest laser eye surgery price hikes in a five-month period. The same survey reported that laser eye surgeons in the West charged the lowest laser eye surgery rates. Moreover, the average laser eye surgery price in the West experienced the smallest increase within a five-month period.


The survey focused on prices of LASIK surgery. LASIK makes up 99% of all laser eye surgery procedures performed in America today.


The laser eye surgery price for LASIK at a reputable center costs between $1,500 and $2,500 an eye. Prices are lower for packages that include both eyes.


The average price of a basic LASIK procedure grew as follows in the last four years:


·          2003 = $1,710 per eye

·          2004 = $1,800 per eye

·          2005 = $1,965 per eye

·          2006 (Q1) = $2,052 per eye


The More Experienced a Surgeon... The Higher the Laser Eye Surgery Price


Another factor that affects laser eye surgery rates is the surgeon's experience. A study in the medical journal Ophthalmology revealed that the likelihood of complications arising from laser surgery decreases after a surgeon has performed 1,000 surgeries.


Many reputable surgeons also guarantee their services, backing it up with an assurance or a contract that if succeeding treatments are needed on the operated eye, the patient will receive them absolutely free.


It is normal for laser eye surgeons to guarantee the results of the laser procedure for 12 months after surgery.


The Effect of Royalties on Laser Eye Surgery Price


Some laser surgical procedures cost more than others not only because they make use of more expensive hardware, but also because the surgeon or center pays royalties to the manufacturer.


For example, a regular excimer laser manufacturer will charge the surgeon $100 to $150 per eye, which must be added to the laser eye surgery price of the basic procedure. More expensive, custom laser procedures require $145 to $250 per eye in royalties.


Other customized procedures such as IntraLASIK, where the corneal flap is created with a laser rather than a metal blade (microkeratome), cost more. Wavefront technology, where vision correction is guided digitally, is another more expensive procedure.


Although complications have been observed in only less than 1% of LASIK patients, many opt for costlier procedures since it gives them confidence that their eyes will be protected–not only from the likelihood of complications but also against the possibility that they may get less than the maximum results that laser surgery offers.


Since the eyes, as one of the most important organs of the body, are responsible for much of the enjoyment a person gets out of life, many people do not mind paying a higher laser eye surgery price for results that they would have to live with for the rest of their lives.


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