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What our clients said!!!

We've been through many writers and writing services. When we got our first project back from we knew instantly we had found an honest and reliable service. The quality is superb, their price is very competitive and they stick to schedules - one area we have had a lot of trouble in with writers.

Also, the PLR article rewrites are not just reworded but *completely* re-written. Your rewrite is a whole new article and will likely read much better than the original PLR article as well (PLR content is often fairly weak). is a top service that I highly recommend for your content needs. They understand your needs and can create quality content at an affordable price. Save yourself a lot of potential headaches and try them out!

- Michael Grzywacz -
Style, imagination and good phrasing used in every rewrite - coupled with checking their work to ensure it reads as unique before sending it on to me meant that the second company I was using for additional work was dropped and this extra is now being passed to Lan. Can't recommend highly enough!

- Jammy -
Long-Term PLR Client
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