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How to Turn PLR Articles Into Income Generating Content and Build a Long-Term, Successful Online Business

Welcome to, a premier provider of online rewriting services geared towards enhancing your virtual real estate (VRE) space and improving your search engine rankings. With our pool of professional writers, we can take any type of PLR article and re-write it so that you end up with nothing but UNIQUE CONTENT.

Why Use Private Label Rights Articles?

PLR articles are one of the fastest ways to generate income from your website or online business.

You can use private label content in many ways:

  • as content on your site, catering to the needs of your site visitors and as 'food' for search engine spiders;
  • as articles to be used for e-zine marketing / article marketing;
  • as content for your autoresponder series;
  • as articles in your newsletters;
  • as blog posts;
  • as content for a report or bonus product you wish to give out; and more!

Why Rewrite Your PLR Content?

We know that you have purchased private label rights content as a means to cost-effectively get into article marketing, which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve search engine rankings and bring a ton of traffic to your site. However, EVERYBODY knows that to use them effectively, PLR articles must be fine-tuned... tweaked... re-written.

But who has the time for that? You are probably so busy running your online businesses (as you should be!) that those inexpensive PLR articles are starting to look like expensive hard disk fillers, gathering dust till you forget about them altogether. By the time, you get around to them, the data in the articles may already be obsolete, bringing nothing of value to your visitors and your online business.

PLR article packs are also not created equal. Some may be good but others are not. Some buyers purchase private label rights content because they are not authorities in the niche they are promoting. That's all well and good but let's face it, most PLR articles, technically accurate they MAY be, are so poorly constructed that going through them seems to be a challenge in reading comprehension! These articles definitely need some TLC before you use them as part of your article marketing strategy.

Further, private label rights content is often NOT search engine optimized. What good is a ton of articles if they are never found by your online business prospects? Article marketing is a two-way street. To maximize its effectiveness, it must consider human visitors and search engine spiders. And what about format? Some PLR articles look like they were written for an offline audience with long sentences, long paragraphs and long winding thoughts.

Lastly, who wants to be just like everybody else?!?

Do you really want content that's exactly what your competitors have on their sites? Of course not.
YOUR content needs to stand out.

And here's one last FACT for you: the powers that be behind leading search engines are all filing patents regarding duplicate content filtering. NOW is definitely the time to think long-term and have your PLR articles rewritten!

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Why truly provides a unique article marketing service.

  • Professional Team of Writers, Proofreaders and Editors. Our writers are all professionals with - at the very least - two years of online writing experience. For every 2-5 writers, an editor is assigned to monitor project progress and ensure that articles are produced at a high standard.
  • The 90% Difference Fool-Proof Process. We will provide content that is 90% different from the original. And how do you know this is achieved? ALL content will be run via DupeFreePro, a unique duplicate content checker tool that verifies how unique a rewritten article is from the original.
  • Customized PLR Articles… and then some. We always strive to go above and beyond what clients ask of us. As such, don't be surprised when rewritten articles contain NEW or ADDITIONAL content.
  • Original Content for Your Article Marketing Efforts at Half the Price! QUALITY original content places your site at a great advantage to improving search engine ranking. But this quality often comes at a steep price. Not so with! (View our highly competitive rates! Click Here).
  • The SEO Advantage. is used to writing for online readers AND search engines. Let our expertise in search engine optimization help bring your business to the next level! (Read more of our SEO experience. About Us SEO Services)

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This is the mission of we will take your PLR articles, rewrite them, and elevate them to content that is appreciated by search engines, avoiding any duplicate content penalties, and your site visitors, so that they keep coming back for more. All this at the fraction of the price you would normally have to spend to hire ghostwriters to write search engine optimized web content.

Unique web content elevates your business and makes for a more successful article marketing campaign so why delay your success?

Try NOW.

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